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Daum PotPlayer - supports new video and audio formats

17-10-2019, 05:10. Posted: Daum Communications

 Potplayer has been a popular player since 2011.


It is very popular for being able to support new video and audio formats.


Despite not free downloading from the Internet due to a free license, the application deserves special attention


Application Benefits:

  • stylish design that meets the fashion of modern society
  • built-in functions that allow you to qualitatively build sound, text, audio files and video files. Also, the settings function allows you to not only play, but also record audio and video files
  • free base. There are no paid subscriptions, which means there is no paid license. The application is not a demo
  • support for audio and video file formats of any size and quality
  • support for various skins and color themes
  • An undoubted plus is a convenient and simple interface that suits both a child at the age of five and a grandmother who decides to listen to a classical melody at night. For the application to work, you just need to download and run it


Regarding the application itself. It is a full Windows product. Therefore, it is impossible to download it on the iPhone OS (legally)


Why potplayer, and no other audio and video player:

  • there is no advertising in the application, which contributes to the stable operation of the application
  • The application takes care of the health of listeners. In other words, if the user in the functions clearly expresses the sound, thereby negatively reflecting on the ears, the player automatically warns that such a volume will be harmful to your ears
  • The application supports all formats of audio and video files. However, some paid plugins do not support three formats.
  • The application is updated very often. The wishes and tastes of customers are considered. The developers are trying to consider the claims of their users and eliminate any problems in the technical equivalent of the word
  • Great user reviews. As you can see, the player has been working since 2011. In the application market, it occupies a popular place for downloading and using the application. This allows us to say that the application deserves attention and must be downloaded

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