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 The large company Samsung, which is rapidly improving its technology, has introduced a completely new smartphone to the attention of consumers. Such a novelty will be interesting to absolutely everyone. In addition to the fact that this model has excellent technical characteristics, this smartphone has a special perfection. Samsung has created a phone that can transform into a tablet. This magic happens due to a special screen that can bend in half.


The high-tech smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold made a big splash and attracted attention in all corners of the world. And this is justified, since the emotions of using this model are unforgettable. Manufacturers of other smartphones claimed that it was difficult to impress potential buyers, and to do so was almost impossible. However, Samsung completely refuted this judgment and released an unusual novelty.


The display size of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold in the state of the phone is 4.6 inches. When the display opens, its total size becomes 7.3 inches. Many dubbed this model a telephone from the future. In addition to flexibility, the screen also has impressive picture quality. The Galaxy Fold screen is equipped with an AMOLED matrix that provides perfect color reproduction. Also, this matrix allows the owner to observe high color contrasts without distortion. There is a special film on the phone’s display, which is designed to protect the modern model. The manufacturer warns that removing this film is strictly prohibited.


The manufacturer announced that the new product is designed for 200,000 bends and extensions. According to rough estimates, the smartphone is designed for 5 years of constant use.

Innovative Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone

The large company Samsung, which is rapidly improving its technology, has introduced a completely new smartphone to the attention of consumers. Such a novelty will be interesting to absolutely everyone. In addition to the fact that this model has

    SHAREit - file sharing program

    SHAREit is a free application that allows you to exchange files and folders between smartphones, tablets and PCs. Now the application works on all popular platforms, so SHAREit can be used on any device, regardless of the operating system. The

    IrfanView - a program for viewing and editing images

    IrfanView is a small computer program designed to view and play graphic images, audio files, and video files. The program logo is a red cat lying on its back. It so happened that a small favorite pet of the program developer was crushed by a car.

Viber - calls and SMS for free!

The functionality of the Viber application is like Skype, with the only difference being that Viber is designed as a mobile application for a smartphone. But still, multi-platform. With the help of Viber, the cost of calls and SMS messages will be

    Skype - a revolutionary breakthrough on the Internet

    It’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t heard about Skype. In the modern age of information technology, the concept of distance between people has already become somewhat blurred, because to communicate with each other no personal meetings, postal

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX502GW - productive and very thin laptop

Every day, the collection of ultra-light and small-sized laptops with the most standard set of hardware is gaining momentum and popularity. And the well-known manufacturer Asus is also trying to expand its product line. If you pay attention to the

LG rolled-up TV will be available this year

LG has developed a new TV, the screen of which can be rolled up, which saves space in the house. Other market leaders, including Samsung, are not yet ready to present something like this. On Signature OLED TV R, the developers announced the

    uTorrent - fast file downloads

    For the first time, the publicly available version of this client was released on September 18, 2005. After six and a half months, PeerFactor signed a contract with the developer, Ludwig Strigueus, to develop applications for distributing content

Deezer is an program for listening to music tracks

With the advent of the global Internet, specialists began to struggle with pirated services that offered free listening and downloading music. Today, we have many applications that legally provide tracks for every taste. Among them: Spotify, Apple

Opera - one of the flagships in the world of browsers

Since the Internet appeared, software has emerged to enter the world wide web. The first browsers were not at all the way we see them now - bright, fast, multi-tasking, with intelligent search and other features. They were primitive and extremely

    KMPlayer - convenient audio and video player

    The KMPlayer is a convenient audio and video player with which you can watch movies, clips and indeed any videos on any device. Supported on Microsoft Window, macOS, Android, iOS. This application supports almost all multimedia formats from



    WinSCP - Free SFTP Graphics Client

    The software discussed in this article is a free SFTP graphical client for Windows that has available source code. The software also supports an old protocol called SCP. The program is used to safely copy files between different PCs or services

    Unique innovations presented by Samsung at CES 2020

    From January 7 to 10, a large-scale exhibition CES 2020 was held in Las Vegas, where unique technological developments were presented. This is the most anticipated event in the whole world, gathering annually about 200 thousand visitors. Many

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    Smart bathroom mirrors

    Modern life is so filled with all kinds of gadgets that it is sometimes very difficult for a person to exist without them. For women, the mirror in the apartment plays a special role: they wake up, get ready for work, dye, comb, or simply defile in