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   Smart bathroom mirrors

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  13-10-2019, 05:24 |  Author: redaktor |  965 views |      

 Modern life is so filled with all kinds of gadgets that it is sometimes very difficult for a person to exist without them. For women, the mirror in the apartment plays a special role: they wake up, get ready for work, dye, comb, or simply defile in front of him, examining their outfits. Men are also not averse to looking in the mirror, although they do not do it as often as women.


In general, without mirrors just nowhere! They are everywhere - in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, nursery, as well as in the car, elevator and other public places. Today, an upgraded version of the ordinary mirror, which can also be installed in the bathroom, is already presented. This is a smart mirror, which not only performs its usual functions, but also a host of others, which will be discussed below.


Bathroom mirrors


Usually in a bathroom, a mirror does not just fulfill its usual function of reflection, but can serve as a wonderful element of decor and even be a stand for all kinds of tubes and other accessories. Choosing the right bathroom mirror today is not a problem, because its main function is reflection, as well as the design component.


 Many often go to the bathroom with mobile devices (tablets, phones) to answer an important call, listen to their favorite music while lying in a warm bath, watch a series of their favorite series or just play a game. As a rule, a wet room is not always a suitable place for a phone, and in some cases this can lead to unpleasant consequences. Moisture and steam penetrate inside the device, resulting in unforeseen breakdowns. There are "craftsmen" who can drop their device into the toilet or bath and say goodbye to it forever.


Today, this problem is completely resolved! Everyone can enjoy listening to their favorite music in the bathroom, watch movies, scroll through the feed of their social network, even use the voice search function “Alice” or “Ok, Google”. These features offer users smart mirrors that are completely not afraid of water, wet hands and steam.


Communication without limits even in the bathroom


Using Viber, Skype, WatsApp and other applications, you can always stay in touch even in the bathroom while applying makeup or shaving. The most interesting thing is that a smart mirror never fogs up, because it uses modern technology that does not allow condensation and steam to appear on the surface.


 A special touch monitor is neatly built into the mirror, which is completely safe, so there are no wires or other sensors near the water. Surely, users will appreciate the presence of the most important functions - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which will greatly facilitate the ability to use this gadget.


Device features


The smartest mirror itself is a touchscreen display. And by purchasing such a device for your home, anyone will receive a three-in-one device:

  • beautiful interior element;
  • the ability to use as a large touch screen with lots of useful features;
  • full mirror.


Such a device will certainly delight everyone who sees it and starts using it.


As soon as the smart mirror goes into sleep mode, it becomes the simplest mirror. But if you want to use it as an element of decor, to diversify your interior, then on the desktop you can install any photo or picture that fits perfectly into the general background.


You can install any applications and widgets in a smart mirror, so there are a lot of interesting features:

  • display on the display of emails, various messages from social networks, Viber, WhatsApp, etc .;
  • You can read the latest news in online newspapers and other news sites;
  • use the device as a case planner, which will be very relevant for busy people;
  • a smart mirror can notify about traffic jams and show places where they are absent;
  • play videos on youtube channels, watch movies in online cinemas;
  • receive voice commands using Yandex and Google assistants.


In addition, some smart mirror models are equipped with a built-in camera, which allows you to take photos, process them and immediately post them on your social networks or just send them to friends. Video chat for a smart mirror is also not a problem: Skype and Viber always work without freezes and brakes, and you can chat with friends even while applying makeup.




For many, a smart mirror will become an indispensable assistant, because it allows you not only to save your time, but also to receive timely notifications of planned things (if you synchronize notes and a calendar). Always in touch is even easier with a smart mirror!

Tags: Smart mirrors, a mirror with a computer, a mirror a tablet, a mirror like a phone, a mirror in a bath with a computer

13-10-2019, 05:24

About using smartphones in a bathroom or toilet.
Do you use a smartphone in the bathroom or toilet?
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