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Programs to optimize and speed up the system

AVG PC Tuneup - optimize the performance of your PC

Latest version: Windows: 21.8.3960.0 | Report a new version of the program
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   12-07-2019, 03:26  |  Author: AVG |  996 views  |  
Edited news: 19-01-2022, 06:51
Reason: Added new version for Windows

 Each average user has repeatedly encountered the problem of low speed of the computer, whether it is a laptop or a stationary unit. Hanging pictures, long downloads and other surprises often get on your nerves and derail even the calmest users. However, progress does not stand still, and all new discoveries are taking place in the software world, and one of them is AVG PC Tuneup.

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CCleaner - removes garbage from computers

Latest version: Windows: 5.89.9401 | Android: apk - 6.1.0 / xapk - 6.0.0 | macOS: 2.3.137 | Report a new version of the program
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   16-07-2019, 16:43  |  Author: Piriform Ltd. |  1 326 views  |  
Edited news: 6-02-2022, 03:58
Reason: Windows and macOS version update

 CCleaner is an oversized but very effective assistant program for computers, tablets and phones that removes “junk” that accumulates over time: short-term files, broken shortcuts and other difficulties.

CCleaner additionally protects your privacy. The program cleans the browsing history and temporary Internet files in browsers, so you become a more confident user of the Internet and get immunity against the theft of personal data.

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Game Booster - an application for maximum performance of any game

Latest version: Windows: Installer / / | Report a new version of the program
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   12-09-2019, 01:45  |  Author: Razer Inc. |  990 views  |  
Edited news: 29-01-2022, 04:18
Reason: Installer version update for Windows.

 Game Booster - software for Windows, thanks to which you can get the maximum performance of any game. Often, poor performance is caused by a large number of running processes, open applications, or incorrect settings in the game itself. The developers of Razer decided to help gamers by creating Game Booster, an application that optimizes games for any PC in one click.


The program has the following tools and options:

  • Disabling unnecessary background processes, services and programs;
  • video capture of the screen with the gameplay and the placement of recorded videos on YouTube;
  • Create screenshots
  • saving custom game settings on a cloud service;
  • Defragment game files
  • restoration of all settings after the completion of the game process.

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Glary Utilities to optimize the operating system

Latest version: Windows: 5.182 | Report a new version of the program
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   25-09-2019, 02:39  |  Author: Glarysoft Ltd. |  1 269 views  |  
Edited news: 16-02-2022, 07:59
Reason: Updating versions for Windows.

 Glary Utilities is a program whose main function is to optimize the operation of the Windows operating system. Glary Utilities is a suite of tools that can effectively increase computer performance. The creator is Glarysoft Ltd. Developers believe that Glary Utilities is all-in-one.


This utility allows the user to conduct automated disk space analysis for the correct operation of the computer. With the help of various modules, Glary Utilities optimizes the computer’s RAM, and also greatly simplifies the search for necessary files and cleaning up unnecessary ones.


The program interface is extremely simple and automated: you can start cleaning the system and fixing errors in one click. Already during the first launch of Glary Utilities, the user will be able to start scanning, and then optimize the system. For more advanced PC users, there is an advanced version of the settings that allows you to achieve maximum computer performance.

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TCP Optimizer - traffic optimization and Internet acceleration

Latest version: Windows: 4.1.1 | Report a new version of the program
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   6-10-2019, 23:57  |  Author: Speed Guide |  907 views  |  

 TCP Optimizer belongs to the category of small-sized utilities. The program is free and does not have a trial use period. No installation required, just unzip the archive with the contents into any convenient directory. Works with all versions of Windows, starting with XP. The program must be run with administrator rights.


The program functions are to optimize traffic and speed up the Internet. The simple interface of the program allows you to use it for both simple users and professionals. There are two modes for configuring TCP / IP settings in Windows: simple and advanced. This allows you to easily configure the system for different types of Internet connections.


The program uses advanced algorithms to find the most suitable TCP window for the connection speed specification. For quick setup, all TCP / IP related parameters are presented, such as RWIN, MTU. For advanced configuration, QoS and ToS / Diffserv priority are added to this list. The program works perfectly with all current versions of Windows, includes additional tools, such as testing the average delay when sending a packet through several hosts, determining the maximum possible size of a packet.

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WPS Performance Station - Boost Computer Performance

Latest version: Windows: WPS Performance Station | Report a new version of the program
0 0
   28-10-2019, 12:43  |  Author: VINPERST |  1 020 views  |  
Edited news: 31-01-2022, 10:52
Reason: Update version for Windows.

 Progress never stands still - many of us have already realized this. Progress has already touched every area of ​​human activity, especially the technical plan. At the moment, many powerful modern technologies is being released, which does not require additional applications for maximum performance. But some computer hard drives cannot handle the load. WPS Perfomance Station - software that improves your computer, improves its performance without the need to close background programs.


Nevertheless, this application is suitable and will help even the oldest computer. A huge plus of the application - it is self-learning. You do not need to configure anything. The utility will adapt to you on its own. With the release of operating system updates for the first time, the computer's hard drive can be loaded. Sometimes this load can reach 100% even after disabling background programs. WPS aims to optimize all drives on your computer.


The program interface includes many functions. The user can optimize the drives, as already mentioned. In addition, you can view the amount of RAM used, monitor battery consumption (it will show how much time has passed and how much is left), turn game mode on or off to increase performance.

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Wise Care 365 is a toolkit for protecting privacy and optimizing Windows.

Latest version: Windows: | Report a new version of the program
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   1-11-2019, 07:42  |  Author: WiseCleaner |  1 258 views  |  
Edited news: 10-02-2022, 02:36
Reason: Update version for Windows.

 Wise Care 365 is an advanced toolkit designed to protect user privacy and optimize the operating system. It checks the entire computer for various elements that need optimization or may cause security problems when using the computer.


Wise Care 365 cleans, defragments and optimizes the registry, as well as completely deletes personal data of users to prevent their subsequent recovery by other specialized tools. In addition, it improves stability and speeds up the launch of the operating system.


The program’s functionality also allows you to find special modules for cleaning the hard disk from unused and unnecessary files and from any traces of user activity (history of visited websites, recently opened documents, etc.). Wise Care 365 defragments all created system partitions and manages memory.

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Reg Organizer: Key Features

Latest version: Windows: 8.85 | Report a new version of the program
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   7-11-2019, 00:48  |  Author: Chemtable Software |  745 views  |  
Edited news: 10-02-2022, 02:44
Reason: Update version for Windows.

 In the field of development and creation of technical software, there are many different utilities designed to work with operating systems. Such programs are used by both professionals in the field of OS maintenance and amateurs to administer a home personal computer. The only condition for the competent and safe use of technical utilities is to have a clear idea of ​​what a program is doing and understand the processes taking place on a computer.


Reg Organizer is one of the technical software utilities for servicing such an OS Windows system program as a registry that stores system settings, various program settings, user parameters, hardware and computer settings. The Reg Organizer program belongs to the group of so-called cleaners, because it allows you to perform actions within the Windows registry.

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Kerish Doctor - Windows System Optimization Tool

Latest version: Windows: 4.85 | Report a new version of the program
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   25-11-2019, 01:21  |  Author: Kerish Products |  980 views  |  
Edited news: 1-02-2022, 15:57
Reason: Оновлено файл та дані по файлу на Virustotal

Kerish Doctor is a comprehensive service and optimization tool for Windows. It has a wide range of useful functions that allow you to fix common problems with the operating environment, clean up the computer of unnecessary files, and manage applications, services installed on the system, etc.


The program, thanks to the many features offered, can be called a combine for managing the Windows system. It offers an interesting tool for real-time detection and elimination of any problems with the environment and the software installed in it, as well as many dozens of other useful options. Among them, we will find those that will allow you to clean the Windows registry from unnecessary entries, delete all temporary files from the disk, completely clear the cache and all the files there, optimize system services, and also manipulate hidden Windows settings with and without administrator rights.


However, this is not a complete list of features offered by Kerish Doctor software. The user also receives tools for recovering lost data, accidentally or intentionally deleted files, optimizing the Internet connection, managing installed applications and programs running and working with the system. There is also the ability to completely delete files without the possibility of restoring them in any way, unlock locked data or manage system restore points.

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