FileZilla - file sharing via FTP, SFTP and FTPS Game Booster - an application for maximum performance of any game SHAREit - file sharing program AIMP audio player WPS Office - software package from China Adobe Reader - a program for viewing, comments and printing files in PDF KMPlayer - convenient audio and video player Deezer is an program for listening to music tracks VSDC video editor - a convenient program for editing video and audio Viber - calls and SMS for free! Tor Browser - why use it? Skype - a revolutionary breakthrough on the Internet WhatsApp - a popular messenger, the choice of millions of people around the world Chromium is a safe and fast web browser from Google Google Chrome - the benchmark for quality and convenience among browsers OpenOffice is a free office suite with powerful functionality. MSI Afterburner - a program for overclocking and monitoring video cards Mozilla Browser Leads in Popularity Ratings in Many Countries Telegram - positions itself as the safest and most secure of messengers CCleaner - removes garbage from computers Opera - one of the flagships in the world of browsers Notepad ++: the main features of the program uTorrent - fast file downloads SmartFTP - a comfortable and functional FTP client Trend Micro Mobile Security - a mobile application for information security Google Docs - a server for editing documents Internet Download Manager - download manager for downloading files from the Internet Wickr is an anonymous messenger program Wise Care 365 is a toolkit for protecting privacy and optimizing Windows. XnView - a program for viewing, editing and sorting graphic files K-Lite Codec Pack - a set of codecs to solve problems with viewing audio and video files PDF24 Creator - A Free Tool for Quickly Creating PDF Files FrostWire is a BitTorrent client with extensive features Pidgin - short messaging client application Hamachi - to build your own secure network SketchUp is a project development and modeling environment iMovie is a platform for working with video materials PeaZip is a free, portable and cross-platform archiver Install .xapk files on android Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus and System Analyzer - a unique software solution to protect your computer
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Programs to connect with other people at a distance.

WhatsApp - a popular messenger, the choice of millions of people around the world

Latest version: Windows: 2.2108.8.0 | Android: | macOS: 2.2108.8.0 | iOS: 2.21.50 | Windows Phone: 2.17.346.0 Report a new version of the program
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   4-08-2019, 09:02  |  Author: WhatsApp Inc. |  1 607 views  |  
Edited news: 25-03-2021, 05:58
Reason: Updated versions for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

 Whatsapp is a popular instant messenger. It is used by millions of people around the world. It allows you to send photos, videos for free, and this makes this application popular and convenient to use. All you need to send SMS, video and audio recordings is an internet connection.

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Telegram - positions itself as the safest and most secure of messengers

Latest version: Windows: 2.7.1 | Android: 7.6.0 | macOS: 2.7.1 | iOS: 7.6 | Windows Phone: 3.4 Report a new version of the program
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   18-07-2019, 12:04  |  Author: Telegram Messenger LLP |  987 views  |  
Edited news: 23-03-2021, 04:31
Reason: Updated versions for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

 Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers today. Telegrams allow users to instantly exchange many types of messages and files in real time. Created by Pavel Durov, the creator of VKontakte, Telegram positions itself as the safest and most protected of instant messengers.

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Skype - a revolutionary breakthrough on the Internet

Latest version: Windows: | Android: | macOS: | iOS: iPhone 8.69 / iPad 8.69 | Windows Phone: Report a new version of the program
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   4-08-2019, 09:25  |  Author: Microsoft Corporation |  1 172 views  |  
Edited news: 25-03-2021, 06:12
Reason: Updated version for iPhone / iPad.

 It’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t heard about Skype. In the modern age of information technology, the concept of distance between people has already become somewhat blurred, because to communicate with each other no personal meetings, postal correspondence, etc. are necessary, simply call. The creation of Estonian developers made a revolutionary breakthrough in this area, because not only were we given the opportunity to make free calls to anywhere in the world via the Internet, but we can also see each other through a webcam.

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Viber - calls and SMS for free!

Latest version: Windows: | Android: | macOS: | iOS: 15.0 | Windows Phone: 6.6 Report a new version of the program
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   4-08-2019, 09:52  |  Author: Viber Media S.à r.l. |  1 774 views  |  
Edited news: 9-04-2021, 06:16
Reason: Updated versions for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.

 The functionality of the Viber application is like Skype, with the only difference being that Viber is designed as a mobile application for a smartphone. But still, multi-platform.

With the help of Viber, the cost of calls and SMS messages will be reduced, just connect the mobile Internet.

Application service as a competitive advantage flag.

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TeamSpeak - an Internet messenger based on VoIP technology

Latest version: Windows: Client 3.5.6 / Server 3.13.3 | Android: 3.3.3 | macOS: Client 3.5.6 / Server 3.13.3 | iOS: 3.5.7 | Report a new version of the program
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   20-09-2019, 03:49  |  Author: TeamSpeak |  617 views  |  
Edited news: 6-02-2021, 01:53
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

 TeamSpeak is an Internet messenger based on VoIP technology, which is very popular among players or business owners around the world. Allows you to use voice communication between several users simultaneously during the most popular multiplayer games.


This is a software that allows you to communicate effectively with your partners, saving communication costs. TeamSpeak can handle thousands of users at the same time, making communication fast. The platform is ideal for a wide range of applications such as games, conferencing and personal calls. TeamSpeak is free for nonprofits, but for-profit organizations may be part of the licensing program. Runs on a dedicated server instead of a peer.

TeamSpeak is a client application that has an easy to use interface. It consists of various functions that allow you to communicate without problems. You can configure some features, such as chat and security settings. Even for the first time, it will be easy and convenient for the user to use the program. The platform is ideal for all types of communications.

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Wickr is an anonymous messenger program

Latest version: Windows: Me - 5.74.8 / Pro - 5.74.8 / Enterprise - 5.70.9 | Android: Me - 5.73.6 / Pro - 5.73.6 / Enterprise - 5.68.6 | macOS: Me - 5.74.8 / Pro - 5.74.8 / Enterprise - 5.70.9 | iOS: Wickr Me - 5.74.5 / Wickr Pro - 5.74.5 / Wickr Enterprise - 5.70.9 | Report a new version of the program
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   26-06-2020, 06:08  |  Author: Wickr |  525 views  |  
Edited news: 5-03-2021, 11:47
Reason: Wickr Me and Wickr Pro update for all OS.

Wickr is a new messenger program that is anonymous on the web. The network appeared in 2013, has gained great popularity among users around the world.




Software removes messages on all digital devices, including servers. An option is built into the software that also cancels all archives; they cannot be restored. Software features allow you to transfer various text materials, audio and video files, possible encryption standards:


  1. AES 256.
  2. RSA 4096 TLD.
  3. ECDH 521.


Traces in terms of geolocation also do not remain, in the settings before sending the message, the subscriber can choose the time of sending independently. Varieties of Wickr me


  1. Wickr Pro costing $ 25 per month makes it possible to use the desktop version.
  2. Wickr Enterprise Enterprise Edition

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Miranda IM - instant messaging between users

Latest version: Windows: 0.10.80 | Report a new version of the program
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   15-11-2019, 04:45  |  Author: Miranda IM |  464 views  |  
Edited news: 10-02-2021, 02:03
Reason: Added data on file on Virustotal

 Now, a lot of messengers have already been invented. Many of them are now being forgotten, because, you can say, they laid the foundation for instant messaging between users. One such application is Miranda IM. Miranda was specifically designed for Microsoft Windows.


The last update of the program came out already in 2010, and many have already forgotten about the existence of Miranda. But despite such a long last update, the application is still in demand. The program supports many protocols, the most famous of which is Google Apps, and the least - Agent. Using special plug-ins that do not need to be installed, you can reduce or increase the area of ​​used plug-ins.

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Clownfish for Skype - a program for automatically translating messages to Skype

Latest version: Windows: 4.56 / 5.06 | Report a new version of the program
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   14-12-2019, 05:01  |  Author: Shark Labs |  429 views  |  
Edited news: 10-02-2021, 06:07
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

 Clownfish for Skype is a program for automatically translating messages to Skype, which further expands its capabilities, for encryption and sound modifiers in case of voice calls. It is much more difficult for us to communicate with friends from other countries when we do not know their native language. It is enough to write messages in the language we use (full support for all popular language packs), and automation of the application will translate the message by sending it to the recipient in the language of their choice. The program can use the mechanisms offered by one of six providers: Google Translate, Microsoft Live, Babylon Translator, PROMT and Yandex.


Although the program offers many settings and options, the manufacturer decided not to equip it with an individual interface, but to manage it only through the context menu of the taskbar icon. On the one hand, this solution speeds up access to some functions, but on the other hand, with the current number of options in the program, it takes a little getting used to effective work. Among the options supported at this level, we will find primarily the settings of the translation languages ​​(both sent messages and incoming messages), the settings for converting text to speech (applies to messages that we receive from other users), the choice of service that we want use when translating texts, encryption settings, keyboard shortcuts, sound effects of voice chat and spell check options.

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Net Speakerphone - a program for creating local chat

Latest version: Windows: 4.10 RC1 build 140319 / 4.7 RC4 Server stable 1.42 RC1 / test 1.43 Beta | Report a new version of the program
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   16-12-2019, 01:45  |  Author: Alexey Odinchenko |  437 views  |  
Edited news: 10-02-2021, 06:24
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

 Net Speakerphone is a freeware program for creating local chat. It can work both using the server, and dispensing with the latter, automatically identifying all networks of interlocutors connected to the system locally. There are three versions of the program: free, professional and server, which differ in their capabilities. This program is supported on Windows operating systems.


Free version


You can download the free version on the official website of the program. It has the following features:


  • voice communication, you can also share files and chat;
  • You can transfer the contents of the clipboard to the interlocutor;
  • the free version has very low system requirements, which allows you to install the program on computers of the nineties;
  • the program also has animated emoticons.


Net Speakerphone Professional


This version has more advanced functionality, but you will have to pay for it.

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Franz - a convenient tool for working with instant messengers

Latest version: Windows: 5.6.1 | macOS: 5.6.1 | Report a new version of the program
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   30-12-2019, 01:09  |  Author: Franz |  429 views  |  
Edited news: 11-02-2021, 03:57
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

 To date, a huge number of different messengers have appeared. Everyone chooses the best option for themselves. Therefore, to communicate with colleagues or clients, you need to install dozens of applications. This approach complicates the work and causes confusion.


Franz is a powerful and convenient tool for working with instant messengers. The program allows you to simultaneously exchange messages in different services such as: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.



  • more than 70 services are available;
  • the application interface is easy to understand;
  • chats are conveniently combined into one window and each has its own tab;
  • You can only exchange text messages and files. To be able to receive audio and video calls, the application will launch a browser;
  • Franz allows the ability to add multiple accounts of one service;
  • each messenger can be configured individually and set different sound alerts;
  • Contacts are downloaded automatically;
  • authorization is done through the Web-API, so using Franz is safe.

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