FlashFXP - FTP / FTPS / SFTP client for Windows JetAudio - a program for playing and converting audio and video files AVL - Antivirus Software for Android AS SSD Benchmark - drive testing Viber - calls and SMS for free! Comodo Internet Security - Virus Protection Classic FTP - simple client Open Hardware Monitor is a free program for monitoring the status of individual computer elements. Wickr is an anonymous messenger program UnetBootIn - application for Linux boot distribution Skype - a revolutionary breakthrough on the Internet SmartFTP - a comfortable and functional FTP client uTorrent - fast file downloads Adobe Flash Player - state-of-the-art technology for easy surfing AVG PC Tuneup - optimize the performance of your PC Notepad ++: the main features of the program Opera - one of the flagships in the world of browsers WinZip. Squeeze-unclench .... CCleaner - removes garbage from computers Telegram - positions itself as the safest and most secure of messengers Mozilla Browser Leads in Popularity Ratings in Many Countries Internet Download Accelerator - solves the problems of downloading files from the network XnView - a program for viewing, editing and sorting graphic files K-Lite Codec Pack - a set of codecs to solve problems with viewing audio and video files Internet Download Manager - download manager for downloading files from the Internet Tor Browser - why use it? iTunes is a free way to replenish or listen to your collection of files Google Chrome - the benchmark for quality and convenience among browsers Chromium is a safe and fast web browser from Google WhatsApp - a popular messenger, the choice of millions of people around the world Deezer is an program for listening to music tracks KMPlayer - convenient audio and video player Adobe Reader - a program for viewing, comments and printing files in PDF WPS Office - software package from China AIMP audio player SHAREit - file sharing program FileZilla - file sharing via FTP, SFTP and FTPS TeamSpeak - an Internet messenger based on VoIP technology FastStone Image Viewer - changes and converts images in Microsoft Windows Glary Utilities to optimize the operating system
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Shareware - a program with this license may have minor restrictions on the duration of the work and software functionality. Some programs may have full functionality, but they can only be used for personal, non-commercial use. To get full access to the program and / or use it for commercial purposes, you need to purchase a paid license on the official website of the developer, removing all restrictions.

XnView - a program for viewing, editing and sorting graphic files

Latest version: Windows: MP 0.96.2 | macOS: MP 0.96.2 | Report a new version of the program
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   25-07-2019, 04:59  |  Author: XnSoft |  296 views  |  
Edited news: 16-06-2020, 23:56
Reason: Windows and macOS version update

 XnView is a multifunctional program for viewing, editing and sorting graphic files. With this utility you can convert images from one format to another, crop them and change the contrast. Available to sort photos by different parameters, as well as putting ratings for each photo. When performing the same type of action for several documents, batch processing will help, which significantly reduces the time.


XnView has convenient functionality. The main, frequently used actions are placed in the upper control panel - about 20 important buttons. The remaining features can be found in the menu, the use is simple and straightforward. An interesting feature is to work directly with scanned documents: you can format it to the final version directly in the program, and print without installing additional software.

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Deezer is an program for listening to music tracks

Latest version: Android: | iOS: 8.15.0 | Report a new version of the program
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   4-08-2019, 14:01  |  Author: Deezer Mobile |  542 views  |  
Edited news: 16-06-2020, 02:14
Reason: Updated versions for Android and iOS

 With the advent of the global Internet, specialists began to struggle with pirated services that offered free listening and downloading music. Today, we have many applications that legally provide tracks for every taste. Among them: Spotify, Apple music, "Yandex Music", "Google Play Music", Deezer.

Let us dwell on the latter.

Deezer is an application for listening to music tracks. Thanks to him, now the whole universe of favorite music is collected in one service. Deezer is well established in the Russian market and can please its subscribers with its huge audio library: there are more than 42 million audio tracks in the database, and those who like to listen to new things can click on the "Flow" button and go on an unknown journey.

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TeamSpeak - an Internet messenger based on VoIP technology

Latest version: Windows: Client 3.5.3 / Server 3.12.1 | Android: 3.3.3 | macOS: Client 3.5.3 / Server 3.12.1 | iOS: 3.5.4 | Report a new version of the program
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   20-09-2019, 03:49  |  Author: TeamSpeak |  364 views  |  
Edited news: 13-06-2020, 03:13
Reason: All versions updated

 TeamSpeak is an Internet messenger based on VoIP technology, which is very popular among players or business owners around the world. Allows you to use voice communication between several users simultaneously during the most popular multiplayer games.


This is a software that allows you to communicate effectively with your partners, saving communication costs. TeamSpeak can handle thousands of users at the same time, making communication fast. The platform is ideal for a wide range of applications such as games, conferencing and personal calls. TeamSpeak is free for nonprofits, but for-profit organizations may be part of the licensing program. Runs on a dedicated server instead of a peer.

TeamSpeak is a client application that has an easy to use interface. It consists of various functions that allow you to communicate without problems. You can configure some features, such as chat and security settings. Even for the first time, it will be easy and convenient for the user to use the program. The platform is ideal for all types of communications.

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CCleaner - removes garbage from computers

Latest version: Windows: 5.67 | Android: 4.22.1 | macOS: 1.17 | Report a new version of the program
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   16-07-2019, 16:43  |  Author: Piriform Ltd. |  399 views  |  
Edited news: 18-06-2020, 03:58
Reason: Updated versions for Windows and Android

 CCleaner is an oversized but very effective assistant program for computers, tablets and phones that removes “junk” that accumulates over time: short-term files, broken shortcuts and other difficulties.

CCleaner additionally protects your privacy. The program cleans the browsing history and temporary Internet files in browsers, so you become a more confident user of the Internet and get immunity against the theft of personal data.

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AVG PC Tuneup - optimize the performance of your PC

Latest version: Windows: 19.1.1209 | Report a new version of the program
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   12-07-2019, 03:26  |  Author: AVG |  352 views  |  
Edited news: 18-06-2020, 04:58
Reason: Windows version upgrade

 Each average user has repeatedly encountered the problem of low speed of the computer, whether it is a laptop or a stationary unit. Hanging pictures, long downloads and other surprises often get on your nerves and derail even the calmest users. However, progress does not stand still, and all new discoveries are taking place in the software world, and one of them is AVG PC Tuneup.

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Internet Download Accelerator - solves the problems of downloading files from the network

Latest version: Windows: 6.19.5 | Report a new version of the program
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   22-06-2019, 12:45  |  Author: WestByte Software |  522 views  |  
Edited news: 16-06-2020, 23:59
Reason: Update version for Windows

 Internet Download Accelerator is a shareware utility that solves the main problems of downloading files from the network: maintaining the maximum download speed, resuming when the Internet connection is lost and efficiently sorting the downloaded files. From many other download managers, Internet Download Accelerator stands out for greater efficiency and a friendly, easily customizable user interface. Also important is the fact that the program was created by the Ukrainian development team, especially for users from the post-Soviet space.

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Fraps - capture video from a computer screen in real time

Latest version: Windows: 3.5.99 | Report a new version of the program
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   23-09-2019, 02:33  |  Author: Rod Maher |  321 views  |  

 Fraps is a universal utility for capturing video from a computer screen in real time, as well as creating screenshots from full-screen both conventional and 3D applications. In addition, the program gives the user information about FPS (number of frames per second) in computer games that operate in OpenGL or DirectX mode.


It is the FPS indicators that allow you to use the Fraps program during testing the power of the computer's graphics adapter. The optimal value for this indicator for a comfortable gameplay is 30 FPS.


Video recording can take place in resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 and up to 120 FPS. The program has a background mode that allows you to minimize the load on the system, and also makes the FPS values ​​as accurate as possible.


The program interface is simple, and the settings make it convenient for each user. Significantly simplifies the work, the ability to capture video from the screen, create screenshots and display information about FPS by pressing the appropriate hot keys, which the user can select on their own. Videos and screenshots are automatically saved to a folder, which can also be selected in the utility settings mode.

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IrfanView - a program for viewing and editing images

Latest version: Windows: 4.54 | Report a new version of the program
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   26-08-2019, 04:04  |  Author: Irfan Skiljan |  613 views  |  
Edited news: 2-01-2020, 05:16
Reason: Windows version upgrade

 IrfanView is a small computer program designed to view and play graphic images, audio files, and video files.


The program logo is a red cat lying on its back. It so happened that a small favorite pet of the program developer was crushed by a car. The owner extended his life by choosing the program logo.


The program can work in Windows operating systems, ReactOS. In addition to viewing, using the IrfanView program, graphic images can be copied, cut, pasted into selected parts of images, and special effects can be applied.

Using this program, you can preview images as thumbnails, create screenshots, and use images as screen savers. Working in the IrfanView program, you can enlarge or reduce the image, change the color gamut, saturation and contrast of the image. The listed actions with images can be carried out using effective auto-tuning.

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Glary Utilities to optimize the operating system

Latest version: Windows: 5.143 | Report a new version of the program
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   25-09-2019, 02:39  |  Author: Glarysoft Ltd. |  401 views  |  
Edited news: 13-06-2020, 01:59
Reason: Windows Version Upgrade

 Glary Utilities is a program whose main function is to optimize the operation of the Windows operating system. Glary Utilities is a suite of tools that can effectively increase computer performance. The creator is Glarysoft Ltd. Developers believe that Glary Utilities is all-in-one.


This utility allows the user to conduct automated disk space analysis for the correct operation of the computer. With the help of various modules, Glary Utilities optimizes the computer’s RAM, and also greatly simplifies the search for necessary files and cleaning up unnecessary ones.


The program interface is extremely simple and automated: you can start cleaning the system and fixing errors in one click. Already during the first launch of Glary Utilities, the user will be able to start scanning, and then optimize the system. For more advanced PC users, there is an advanced version of the settings that allows you to achieve maximum computer performance.

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FastStone Image Viewer - changes and converts images in Microsoft Windows

Latest version: Windows: 7.5 | Report a new version of the program
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   24-09-2019, 01:46  |  Author: Faststone |  354 views  |  
Edited news: 13-06-2020, 03:02
Reason: Update version for Windows

 FastStone Image Viewer is a utility that allows you to view, modify and convert images in Microsoft Windows. The creator of this utility is FastStone Soft.


In the program’s functionality, it’s worth highlighting the possibility of color correction, drawing, setting watermarks for deleting / adding effects, retouching, etc. The user will be able to get rid of the red-eye effect in the photo, replace colors, resize the image, and convert it to another desired format. In addition, in the FastStone Image Viewer program, the user can use the tools to create slideshows. The program offers the user 150 transition options between slides. The utility also has the ability to group images for convenient storage on a computer.


The interface of the FastStone Image Viewer utility is simple and convenient. The main menu displays all the tools that the user may need to edit or convert images. The utility also provides the ability to compare the original version of the image and the variant with the new parameters in one active window, which is divided into two parts. Thanks to the preview function, the user can see changes in color quality, etc. in the edited file.

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