FileZilla - file sharing via FTP, SFTP and FTPS Game Booster - an application for maximum performance of any game SHAREit - file sharing program AIMP audio player WPS Office - software package from China Adobe Reader - a program for viewing, comments and printing files in PDF KMPlayer - convenient audio and video player Deezer is an program for listening to music tracks VSDC video editor - a convenient program for editing video and audio Viber - calls and SMS for free! Tor Browser - why use it? Skype - a revolutionary breakthrough on the Internet WhatsApp - a popular messenger, the choice of millions of people around the world Chromium is a safe and fast web browser from Google Google Chrome - the benchmark for quality and convenience among browsers OpenOffice is a free office suite with powerful functionality. MSI Afterburner - a program for overclocking and monitoring video cards Mozilla Browser Leads in Popularity Ratings in Many Countries Telegram - positions itself as the safest and most secure of messengers CCleaner - removes garbage from computers Opera - one of the flagships in the world of browsers Notepad ++: the main features of the program uTorrent - fast file downloads SmartFTP - a comfortable and functional FTP client Trend Micro Mobile Security - a mobile application for information security Google Docs - a server for editing documents Internet Download Manager - download manager for downloading files from the Internet Wickr is an anonymous messenger program Wise Care 365 is a toolkit for protecting privacy and optimizing Windows. XnView - a program for viewing, editing and sorting graphic files K-Lite Codec Pack - a set of codecs to solve problems with viewing audio and video files PDF24 Creator - A Free Tool for Quickly Creating PDF Files FrostWire is a BitTorrent client with extensive features Pidgin - short messaging client application Hamachi - to build your own secure network SketchUp is a project development and modeling environment iMovie is a platform for working with video materials PeaZip is a free, portable and cross-platform archiver Install .xapk files on android Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus and System Analyzer - a unique software solution to protect your computer
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Programs ensuring the safety of work on a computer and on the Internet

AVL - Antivirus Software for Android

Latest version: Android: AVL 2.7.9 / AVL Pro 2.2.2 / AVL Sec 1.3 | Report a new version of the program
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   4-07-2020, 04:14  |  Author: AVL Team |  320 views  |  
Edited news: 12-02-2021, 00:53
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

AVL PRO is the best antivirus software according to statistics of 2013. The product is designed for the Android operating system. The program was developed by AVL Team and is currently able to provide comprehensive protection for the devices on which it is installed, including application programs.


The mobile version of the program provides rich configuration options that can detect malware on a smartphone. Using this function, you can adjust the operation of the device and enable the automatic scanning mode. The program will work even when the client does not think about it.


The mobile version of the program can recognize and analyze various formats of virus files. Among them are: APK, SIS, SISX, XAP, CAP. In addition, the software can detect files in the following formats: DEX, ELF, EPOS, PE.


In addition to the comprehensive detection of virus files, the application makes the process not only effective, but also energy-saving. AVL PRO practically does not use the energy of a smartphone to carry out basic functions. The work of the program is optimized in its structure and efficiency; therefore it is energy and resource saving. Despite the low cost of energy, scanning the device for viruses is high-speed.

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ESET is a software representative designed to detect, isolate, and prevent the spread of malware and computer viruses.

Latest version: Windows: ESET Smart Security Premium / ESET Internet Security / ESET NOD32 Antivirus | Android: ESET Mobile Security / ESET Parental Control / ESET Smart TV Security | macOS: ESET Cyber Security Pro / ESET Cyber Security | Report a new version of the program
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   23-12-2019, 02:09  |  Author: ESET |  471 views  |  
Edited news: 11-02-2021, 02:51
Reason: Added data on files on Virustotal

 When the first computer virus was written and distributed at one end of the globe, the first antivirus program appeared on the opposite side of it. Over time, the confrontation between the parties increased, technology developed, and programs improved. The main ones were the value of information security and the stability of information technology.


ESET antivirus software is a well-known representative of the software designed to detect, isolate, and prevent the spread of malware and computer viruses.


ESET antivirus programs are designed to protect PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones in the office, at home, in enterprises.


By its purpose, the program provides real-time protection against trojans, virus worms, viruses, phishing attacks and a number of other threats.

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Comodo Internet Security - Virus Protection

Latest version: Windows: | Report a new version of the program
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   1-07-2020, 07:02  |  Author: Comodo |  338 views  |  
Edited news: 12-02-2021, 00:17
Reason: Windows version update. Added data on files on Virustotal

Comodo Internet Security Pro is a comprehensive solution to protect your PC from Internet threats. This is a commercial program that involves paying for the year. The cost of annual use is $ 17.99.


Users receive the maximum possible protection of computers from viruses and malware with a guarantee from the developer.


One of the most reliable firewalls according to statistics


The Comodo firewall rises higher in the ranking. Internet Security Pro creates an impenetrable shield for viruses, Trojans, spyware and other types of malware. In real time, files are sorted into dangerous dubious, and safe.

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K7 Ultimate Security - antivirus software

Latest version: Windows: | Android: 3.2.89 | macOS: | iOS: 3.3.2 | Report a new version of the program
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   6-07-2020, 05:28  |  Author: K7 Computing Inc |  310 views  |  
Edited news: 12-02-2021, 02:08
Reason: Updated versions for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Added data on files on Virustotal

K7 Ultimate Security is an antivirus software. The well-known Indian company K7 Computing was engaged in its development, which, over 20 years of work, has proved to be excellent in the world market. This program can not only fully protect your computer from various viruses and advertising spam, as well as Android and IOS phones.


The antivirus provides user protection when working on the Internet. It will help to avoid identity theft, illegal debit of funds from a bank account, as well as from electronic extortion. Often this happens completely unexpectedly. Therefore, it is important to think about protecting your computer or phone in advance.


Among all K7 Computing software products, K7 Ultimate Security has advanced functionality.

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Malwarebytes - a tool in the fight against unwanted and dangerous programs

Latest version: Windows: | Android: | macOS: | Report a new version of the program
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   15-07-2020, 01:28  |  Author: Malwarebytes Ltd |  355 views  |  
Edited news: 12-02-2021, 02:31
Reason: Updated version for macOS. Added data on files on Virustotal

Malwarebytes belongs to the class of anti-virus programs. It is an effective and popular tool in the fight against unwanted and dangerous programs. Malwarebytes has a commercial license with the possibility of a free trial.


Antivirus is primarily aimed at finding and destroying spyware and adware products. Unlike other antiviruses, Malwarebytes uses non-standard algorithms for searching and detecting unwanted software. Even the most disguised and new viruses cannot hide from the utility.

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Trend Micro Mobile Security - a mobile application for information security

Latest version: Android: Mobile Security v12.2.0 / Enterprise Mobile Security v9.8.0 | iOS: 9.2.1045 | Report a new version of the program
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   29-01-2021, 06:33  |  Author: Trend Micro Incorporated |  232 views  |  
Edited news: 8-03-2021, 05:25
Reason: IOS version update.

Trend Micro Mobile Security is one of the best mobile security apps.


Trend Micro Mobile Security benefits include:


  • modern level of security and safety of personal information;
  • functions to increase productivity and more productive work of the smartphone;
  • robust built-in antivirus with frequently updated database and firewall that will stop any known threats before they touch you;
  • optimization of the use of Internet traffic;
  • the ability to synchronize and unified management of applications on devices (including location detection, remote blocking of applications, and deletion of data) on which the license is installed, thanks to its own cloud server Trend Micro Cloud Communication Server with highly secured logon.

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Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus and System Analyzer - a unique software solution to protect your computer

Latest version: Windows: SecureAnywhere AntiVirus / System Analyzer | Report a new version of the program
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   13-02-2021, 01:25  |  Author: OpenText |  356 views  |  

In the modern world, information technology is given a lot of importance. With their help, we can spend almost all our time online, solving the issues we need. Therefore, many enterprises and organizations are gradually transferring their activities to virtual reality. Due to the growing interest in this area, as well as its relevance, the issue of security is becoming more and more urgent. The main criterion for the reliability and safety of the user's personal data is a protected computer, from which they usually go to the global network. In this article, we will tell you about an antivirus program that can protect you and your gadget by substituting an iron shield.

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