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   Sony officially announced the PlayStation 5 - specifications and features of new items

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  16-10-2019, 01:50 |  Author: redaktor |  740 views |      

 For fans of game consoles, avid gamers and just interested in this topic, great news recently appeared! The long-awaited PlayStation 5 is finally officially announced by Sony.


How it all began


The first rumors of an upcoming novelty passed through the IT community for a long time. Back in April 2019, PS5 chief system architect Mark Czerny announced that the development of the new console has been ongoing for more than 4 years.


Since SONY did not plan to take part in the annual E3 exhibition in 2019, the hypotheses regarding the release date of the PlayStation 5 only gained momentum. In addition, the gaming community could not ignore the fact that back on February 13, 2018, the technology of backward compatibility of games was patented, which, according to some reports, was specially developed for the new PS5.


What's new


Bluepont studio helped with the development of the novelty, which at one time also exerted strength in the updated Shadow of the Colossus. According to official data, the console contains such interesting functions as ray tracing, a new controller with USB Type-C, and a completely updated interface.


It is worth noting another innovation - an improved fragmentary system for installing games, which allows you to install only those components that seemed to the user the most necessary or interesting, for example, only multiplayer or story campaign. The new controller in the announced prefix does not yet have its name, but in terms of characteristics and properties it is most like the already known DualShock 4.


The console gamepad also did not remain unchanged: it will receive adaptive triggers that are designed to enhance the feeling of immersion in the game, due to situational requirements for the strength of pressing the L2 \ R2 keys. The same applies to the vibration mode: its strength and pattern will be felt differently, depending on the circumstances of the game and other related parameters. For example, the movement of a game character in different textures (ice, sand, etc.) will have a difference in the feelings from the remote control.


Many will certainly be pleased with the fact that the memory capacity (each individual disk) of the console will be much larger, the PlayStation 5 holds up to 100 GB of data. In addition, the developers decided to improve the work of the console with SSD: now the games will start instantly - in 1-2 seconds maximum.


Specifications and Features


If we briefly analyze all the updated and implemented parameters in the new console from the Japanese manufacturer, then it is easy to conclude that it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially its functionality will seem attractive to those gamers who know a lot about high-quality graphics.


Key features of the PlayStation 5:

  • the game will not be portable or have a similar mode as in the Nintendo Switch;
  • the filling of the console will be based on the third generation of Ryzen processors from AMD;
  • the graphics will be implemented based on AMD Navi, which will increase power by about 3 times in comparison with the current format consoles;
  • the synchronization of the frequency of the game and the display will occur using V-Sync technology;
  • The audio console is created using a powerful 3D sound module.


Also, the game’s backward compatibility feature mentioned above will allow players who purchase Ps5 to launch games for the PS4 or PS4 Pro. In addition, owners of both the 4th and 5th versions of the console will be able to play together using the same server.


 Another feature of the new generation gaming console will be a virtual reality helmet with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 r and a frequency of 120 Hz. A sensor will be built into it to detect eye movement and tilt the head.


Price and affordable games


As for the cost of the PlayStation 5, there is currently no official data on this issue. Some sources suggest that the price at the start of sales will not be lower than $ 400. Of course, the price in different countries - considering markups and other economic factors - can vary quite a lot. However, it is possible that in the first months after the release of new items, only residents of Japan will be able to buy the PlayStation 5. This practice has already taken place with the PS3.


According to preliminary data, games for the new consoles will support 4K resolution and VR mode. In addition to the already beloved by many gamers around the world, Assasin`s Creed, GTA, Battlefield and other hits, Sony representatives announced several exclusives. More about them will be known closer to the release of the PS5.


When to expect


The Japanese corporation Sony confirmed at a private event held in October 2019 that the new PS5 should be expected by 2020. Most likely, the prefix will go on sale during the Christmas season at the end of the year. This information was shared by the source Wired.

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16-10-2019, 01:50

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